4 Best Fitness Documentaries on Netflix UK 2017

Pumping Iron (1977)

This docudrama, set in the golden age of bodybuilding focuses on the 100 days leading up to 1975 IFBB Mr. Universe and Mr Universe competitions and the rivalry between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno who compete in the over 200lb category.

This film will be of interest to anyone into classic bodybuilding, with footage of Arnold working out at Gold’s Gym and Muscle Beach – two of the holy grails of bodybuilding locations – and getting to see the mindset of what theses competitors go through to be the best in the world.

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Bigger Stronger Faster* (2008)

Chris Bell looks into steroid and performance enhancing drug use in professional sports an WWE wrestling. This film gets right to the facts and straight talk between Chris and his two brothers without too much editorialising or glamorisation – mainly focusing on the powerlifting and professional wrestling industries.

Not really related to this list, but also checkout Prescription Thugs and Trophy Kids by Chris Bell.

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Eddie Strongman (2015)

Get an insight into the life of Eddie Hall in his journey to become the strongest man on earth. He is a beast and we believe he will be the strongest man, he also seems like he might be one of the nicest. Not all that informative but definitely entertaining and a good insight into his life.

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Forks Over Knives (2011)

More about the negative consequences of not being healthy than the positive effects of a healthy lifestyle but does touch on both topics.

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