Best Vegan Protein Bars UK

When looking for the best vegan protein bars the main attraction is the taste and texture. A protein bar is normally a treat, and will help stop cravings you are having for less filling, less healthy snacks. A vegan protein bar is a good snack choice whether you follow a vegan diet or not. Many […]

Keto Syrups and Sugar Free Syrups UK

There are a number of keto syrups available in the UK, of all the sugar free syrups we have tried these seem to be the best and come closest to the real thing. A common issue in sugar free syrups that a lot of them do not have the correct texture and have a slightly […]

Healthy Meals Delivered UK

When time is tight we like to buy some of the healthiest fast food available, or to rely on meal prep services. Eating at fast food restaurants can still be time consuming, and you are not in full control of your macros. So we have rounded up a list of services that provide healthy meals […]

Guide To Drinking on Keto: What can you drink on Keto?

In short, yes you can drink on a Keto diet and alcohol will not kick you out of ketosis. You would never drink pure alcohol so it’s the stuff that’s mixed with the alcohol that can kick you out of ketosis. We have put together this handy guide to let you know what’s fine, what’s […]

Keto sweeteners and sugar alternatives UK

Often when starting out on keto people will want to know how they can still enjoy sweet foods without getting out of ketosis. Recently with the popularity of keto and low carb diets we are starting to see an increase of these carb and sugar free snacks in supermarkets and health shops. Some of these […]

Starbucks Healthiest Drinks UK (Updated May 2019)

Lowest Calorie Starbucks Drinks If you want pretty much zero calorie Starbucks drinks, black coffee is the way to go. Order an espresso, americano, filter coffee or cold brew. Most Starbucks locations also now carry milk alternatives; oat milk, almond milk and soy milk. If you normally order semi-skimmed or whole milk, try almond milk. […]

Best Keto and Low Carb Beer UK

If you are on a keto or low carb diet and want to have a few cold ones, we understand. We’ve been missing having a few beers after work so we are currently on the lookout for alternatives to a straight whiskey. We have already looked into can you drink on keto, and now we […]

4 Best Fitness Documentaries on Netflix UK 2017

Pumping Iron (1977) This docudrama, set in the golden age of bodybuilding focuses on the 100 days leading up to 1975 IFBB Mr. Universe and Mr Universe competitions and the rivalry between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno who compete in the over 200lb category. This film will be of interest to anyone into classic bodybuilding, with […]

3 Best Flour Alternatives and where to buy UK

When on a low carb or gluten free diet you may still want to bake sweet treats, breads, or other recipes that call for flour. Fortunately there are some alternatives, we find the best of which are nut flours. If you don’t like the flavours these flour alternatives give your recipes you can hide the […]