Healthy Meals Delivered UK

When time is tight we like to buy some of the healthiest fast food available, or to rely on meal prep services. Eating at fast food restaurants can still be time consuming, and you are not in full control of your macros. So we have rounded up a list of services that provide healthy meals delivered to help you chose one.

Out of the options our choice is generally to rely of a healthy meal prep service with the occasional trip to a takeaway.

Healthy Meals Delivered Reviews

Muscle Foods Prepped Pots – starts at £2.90 per meal

Boasting high protein and balanced macros at a low price point of 10 meals for £29 this is a great healthy alfternative to supermarket ready meals. The price is right and when buying 10 meals comes in at only £2.90 each. That’s around the same price as buying a prepared meal at a supermarket but with much better macros and tating much fresher.

The selection of meals available is smaller than others and there are no customised macro options. This is a basic healthy meal delivery option and best budget option.

Kettlebell Kitchen – starts at around £15 per day

Each day worth of meals comes with 1200-1800 calories depending on if you want 2 or 3 meals per day.

They also have a vegetarian option which includes options such as peri peri quorn and sesame tofu stir fry. Delicious.

Fresh Fitness Food – starts at £24 per day

The guys at Fresh Fitness Food will make a custom meal plan for you and deliver a number of meals you choose. This really is a bespoke service and they can cater for any macro requirement needs.

All meals we have tried are fresh tasting and full of protein and vegetables, exactly what you want out of a healthy meal prep service.

The price point is higher, but for this price you get all meals delivered to your door. There is zero prep on your part other than microwaving the meal for a few minutes.