Best Vegan Protein Bars UK

When looking for the best vegan protein bars the main attraction is the taste and texture. A protein bar is normally a treat, and will help stop cravings you are having for less filling, less healthy snacks.

A vegan protein bar is a good snack choice whether you follow a vegan diet or not. Many people find that vegan protein bars are easier to digest than milk or egg based bars.

PhD Smart Plant Bar

PhD Smart protein is our favourite tasting protein powder, and these bars are not an exception to the amazing tasting range. There are several flavours available, but we find sticking with chocolate is normally the best bet, although the peanut caramel is also irresistable.

Honestly there are not enough good things to say about these, we thing these are the best vegan protein bars and can’t fault them.

KIND Protein Bar

The KIND protein bar does contain less protein than the PhD but the taste is better. All flavours contain 12g protein. These bars also contain honey so they are not suitable for all vegans.

Tom Oliver Vegan Protein Bar

Comes in a variety of chocolate based flavours but with lower protein content than the PhD, it’s definitely worth trying. Good texture and flavour.

Trek Protein Bar

Lower protein than the other snacks but cheaper and also taste like a normal sweet rather than a protein snack. They are date based so all have that flavour so stay away if you don’t like dates. All contain around 10g protein.