Keto Syrups and Sugar Free Syrups UK

There are a number of keto syrups available in the UK, of all the sugar free syrups we have tried these seem to be the best and come closest to the real thing.

A common issue in sugar free syrups that a lot of them do not have the correct texture and have a slightly artificial taste. We have been trying a lot of these syrups recently and found the best ones that we have featured in this article.

Prices are generally the same as real maple syrup, but they are harder to find in supermarkets so check the prices below and give some of them a try.

Sukrin Fibre Gold Syrup

This is the best keto syrup for toppings for keto pancakes, good for baking. Good sweet flavour and texture. We find that the cons of keto syrups are not as apparent in the Sukrin Fibre Gold.

Smuckers American Style Breakfast Syrup

The flavour of this syrup is like a generic american syrup which is not all that common in the UK. If you are looking for a sweet topping to keto pancakes and desserts this sweetener is definitely worth a try.

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Walden Farms Maple and Walnut

Good maple syrup flavour but with the same similar slightly artificial flavour that a lot of these sugar free syrups suffer from. Texture is close enough to the real thing to be enjoyable so it’s definitely worth trying out.

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MyProtein MySyrup

Of the budget online protein brands we have found that MyProtein are the most consistent with the quality of their products. This sugar free syrup comes in a variety of flavours, including maple, chocolate and butterscotch.

The chocolate and maple flavours are both sweet and tasty, butterscotch was more sickly than the others but OK in smaller quantities. We found the fruit flavours were nothing special but worth a try if you have a sweet tooth and find yourself craving that kind of sweet artificial fruity flavour.

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