Best Keto and Low Carb Beer UK

If you are on a keto or low carb diet and want to have a few cold ones, we understand. We’ve been missing having a few beers after work so we are currently on the lookout for alternatives to a straight whiskey. We have already looked into can you drink on keto, and now we will look into some of the best low carb beer available in the UK.

Low carb and keto diets are becoming increasingly popular in recent years, so we have updated this list for 2019 with some great new low carb beer for you to try.


Name % Carbs per serving Buy
Marston's Resolution 4.7 2 Amazon
Michelob Ultra 3.5 2.1 Amazon
Cisk Excel 4 3.3 Amazon
K1 Sugar Free Beer 4.8 4 Amazon
Bud light 3.5 9 Readily available
Coors Light 4 11.9 Readily available

Marston’s Resolution – 2 Carbs / 275ml (4.7%)

If you can find this, it’s your best bet for a low carb beer, it’s available on Amazon and we have also spotted it at Bargain Booze. This lager is light and very crisp, easy drinking but has some body and flavour.

This is our new favourite low carb beer.

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Skinny Brands Lager – 3 Carb / 330ml (4%)

This is a great, summery lager with similar taste and feel to a Corona. It’s a solid replacement with much lower carbs and calories, coming it at only 3g carbs and 89 calories per bottle.

Enjoy with a slice of lime or on it’s own, great at barbeques.

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Michelob Ultra Superior Light Beer – 2.1 Carb / 355ml (3.5%)

The classic American ‘bro’ beer, the haters will tell you it’s not a real beer. It’s definitely not an IPA with layers of hop complexity but it is a decent light lager with only 2.1 carbs and 79 calories per serving.

You may need to drink a few if you want to get a buzz and ignore those who prefer a glass of 14% Haters Imperial Stout who tell you you’re not a real beer drinker, not a real man, how do you drink that watery crap?

We only tried this recently and actually did enjoy it, definitely give this nice light lager a try.

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Cisk Excel – 3.3 Carbs / 330ml (4%)

Probably your best choice if you are on a budget, this is normally the cheapest low carb beer in our lineup.

Tastes like a pretty standard lager, noticably maltier and heavier than the Marston’s, but still a very palatable medium bittersweet taste. The ligher carbonation helps the smoothness

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K1 Sugar Free Beer – 4 Carbs / 330ml (4.8%)

This beer was a new one to us that we found in a B&M store, but we could never track down again in store but have been able to track down on Amazon.

More malty than the Cisk and the Marston’s, still a thin lager but this time with strong carbonation. If you prefer the stronger carbonation and malty butterscotch / honey flavour. Definitely worth a try if you can get hold of it but might not suit all tastes.

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Bud light – 9 Carbs / 440ml (3.5%)

Pretty new in the UK but over the past couple of months seems to be available everywhere, from chain and independent pubs as well as most supermarkets. The taste is like a lighter Budweiser (obviously) – very malty and rice-like.

Available: Most Supermarkets, Pubs, Bars, Restaurants

Coors Light – 11.9 Carbs / 440ml (4%)

Comes in at an extra 3 carbs per can over the Bud light, but if you want a few those extra carbs add up.

We prefer this to the Bud as it has a less harsh malty flavour and more salty and light-lager flavour. Definitely worth a try and very easy to find in different establishments and supermarkets.

Available: Amazon / Most Supermarkets, Pubs, Bars, Restaurants